18 August 2011

Get the London Look!

Every one knows that I love me some grey nail polish, especially if it has something unexpected like a bit of shimmer or opalescent flash to it.
Night Life by Rimmel has both, and it makes me really happy that in indoor lighting, it has more of a "greige" feel to it, but as soon as light hits it, it really comes alive.

10 August 2011

Bargain for a Buck (Or, More Accurately, $3)

I really like E.L.F because they're a super cheap brand that still has pretty good quality products, and their make up removing wipes are no exception. On an average day, I've got about two coats of mascara on, Milani waterproof liner, eye shadow, and some kind of primer, so taking it all off can sometimes be a bit of an adventure.

I think this is actually a pretty "light" day for make up.
And, OMG, ignore the untamed brow!
E.L.F's make up remover wipes take off all of my make up (gently!) and doesn't leave behind a greasy or tacky residue that other, more expensive brands do. There's also absolutely no stinging whenever I accidentally get it in my eye, which I cringe to admit, happens on a fairly regular basis.

For $3 you get a pack of 20 7x7 wipes, enough to get you through almost three full weeks, assuming you use them every day. These guys are perfect for on-the-go or to store in your car for last minute touch-ups or make up melt downs!

Also, I love that the package has a lid that actually clicks closed so that all the wipes don't dry out by the third time I use them!

Party of Five Glitters

I've had this polish floating around for several months and I bought it mostly because I'm not crazy enough to shell out $18 for a certain nail polish I'll only use a couple of times. I'm not gonna name names or anything, but I'm humming a pretty popular birthday tune that talks about happiness...

Now I'm not sayin' that it's the best dupe in the world, buuuuuuuuuut, looking at swatch pictures, it's pretty darn close.

"Party of Five Glitters" by Wet N' Wild is a much more manageable $2 and looks pretty swell over most solid colors. Instead of throwing it on over black, I just did it over my Essie "Trophy Wife" manicure and I'm pretty pleased with the results, especially since it hides the imperfections in my nails!

09 August 2011

Trophy Wife?

I don't know that I'd say that this polish has me thinking about trophy wives, but it does have me thinking about luxury, so I guess it's not too much of a stretch.
"Trophy Wife" by Essie is a beautiful teal with a slight metallic finish that is just gorgeous on shorter nails. I used three coats to make it fully opaque and then topped it with Orly's Glosser. The slight bubbles that you can see in the finish is from a combination of damaged nail beds (silly me, I had solars for about two months) and my bottle of Glosser getting a wee bit old.

I'm not really one for only wearing certain colors during specific seasons, but I can see "Trophy Wife" transitioning from Summer into Fall really well, especially paired with neutrals.

07 August 2011

Long time no see!

So it's been about eight months since my last post on here, and I feel kind of bad about that, but I made the jump over to tumblr and didn't see the point in keeping two blogs active. However, I've been thinking about reviving this one and basically cross-posting all the beauty related stuff from tumblr over here!