10 August 2011

Party of Five Glitters

I've had this polish floating around for several months and I bought it mostly because I'm not crazy enough to shell out $18 for a certain nail polish I'll only use a couple of times. I'm not gonna name names or anything, but I'm humming a pretty popular birthday tune that talks about happiness...

Now I'm not sayin' that it's the best dupe in the world, buuuuuuuuuut, looking at swatch pictures, it's pretty darn close.

"Party of Five Glitters" by Wet N' Wild is a much more manageable $2 and looks pretty swell over most solid colors. Instead of throwing it on over black, I just did it over my Essie "Trophy Wife" manicure and I'm pretty pleased with the results, especially since it hides the imperfections in my nails!

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