14 October 2009

Best Foot Forward?

I know you've all seen the commercial for the Ped Egg. It's egg shaped for ergonomic comfort and ease of use, boasts ~150 wee little blades, and best of all, has an internal reservoir to catch all your nasty foot shavings.
I was really excited about getting the Ped Egg, because I like foot mantainence to be as quick, easy, and painless as possible. I wear heels a lot and I'm on my feet all day at work, so I get those lovely little calluses that are annoying to get rid of. I bought the Ped Egg, hoping to be blown away by how wonderfully well it worked and how it made my feet feel baby soft and sandal ready in just a few short minutes. I had hoped that I could call everyone I know and enthuse about how amazing the Ped Egg was, but my expectations fell short. If I were to talk about how great I thought the Ped Egg was now, it would be in a very sarcastic tone.

The Ped Egg was awkward and uncomfortable to use, my hand cramped instead of being in a 'natural' position, and the callus shavings went everywhere in a fine, chalky dust. The stick-on emery pad you're supposed to use to do the fine smoothing with doesn't work particularly well and wears down very quickly.
Now, before you start thinking that perhaps I have mutant, dragon lady feet and that's why the Ped Egg didn't work well for me, hush your mouth. I spoke to several of my girlfriends and they all came to the same conclusion: The Ped Egg is a dud.

Cost: $9.95
Is It Worth It: No. Save your ten bucks, by some Sally Hansen Deep Callus Remover, and a good pumice stone.

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