08 October 2009

Today's Nails

It’s no big secret that I change my nail polish almost every day. I get bored of looking at the same colour all the time, so it’s rare that I have the same polish for more than two to three days, maximum.

The constant changing does a number on my nails, so I try to pamper them as much as possible. I use nail polish remover instead of just chipping the polish off, I (almost always) use a base coat, and I don’t use my nails as tools. That last bit seems obvious, but if you stop to think about it, we use our nails for so much that is definitely not their intended purpose- prying things apart, anyone?

Today’s nails are “A Peony for Your Thoughts” by OPI. It’s a very pale pink, almost nude shade, with a slightly opalescent finish. It’s perfect for using in French manicures, since it is an almost nude, but it’s also great worn alone.

It has a great, smooth formula that layers well. I usually do between three to four coats of it so it isn’t so sheer.

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