17 October 2009

High Roller Red

I love all things red. Red lipstick, red nail polish, red hair, red shoes, red cars, red flowers... you get the idea. Because I love all things red, I have enough different red nail polishes to fill a shoebox. That's right. I collect red nail polish like how some people collect stamps.
My bottle of "High Roller" by China Glaze has been sitting on my coffee table, taunting me, for about three days now. I thought that perhaps I could ignore it's siren song and try different colours, like the gunmetal polish I picked up three weeks ago and haven't opened, or maybe a blackened purple like "Midnight In Moscow" by OPI. The more I saw "High Roller," the more I wanted to use it again.
"High Roller" is a gorgeous, blue-based red that would compliment about any skin tone. I would say that it is almost a classic, bright red, but it has more depth to it.

Items used:
Pink Cuticle remover (unknown brand) from Sally Beauty
Revlon full-jaw cuticle nippers
Ulta crystal nail file
Ulta Base Coat
"High Roller" by China Glaze (obviously)
Seche Vite top coat

Price: $6.50 at Ulta
Is It Worth It: Look at my nails and tell me it isn't.

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