02 November 2009

High brow

Brow maintenance- something everyone hates doing, but is a necessity.Your eyebrows provide a frame for your face, they draw attention to your pretty peepers, and if they go untamed, it's one of the first things you'll notice.

You will need:
-Tweezers, I recommend Lacrosse or Tweezerman.
-White eye pencil to do markings. I used grey in this post so it would show up better.
-Brow comb
-Magnified mirror
-Good lighting
-Eyebrow pencil

Step one: comb eyebrows to get a good look at their natural shape.

Step two: use eye pencil to make three marks to guide your shaping. Lay the pencil perpendicular to your nostril and mark there. That will be where your eyebrow will start. Looking straight ahead, mark above your iris. That is where your arch should be. The last mark should be just above the edge of your eye.

Step three: tweeze slowly, think only one hair at a time. It's easier to go back and tweeze a hair that you did not get than it is to wait a couple of weeks for your eyebrow to come back when you have a bald spot.

Step four: using brow pencil (or powder), fill in where necessary. Use brow comb to make sure the lines don't look too harsh.

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