16 November 2009

Smooth Away? Only if you've got all day.

I had been thinking about buying the Smooth Away pads for a while now because who doesn't want to not have to shave their legs? It's a task that I don't particularly enjoy and Smooth Away made it sound like all I would have to do is give my legs a bit of a buff with their magic sandpaper pad and I'd have silky smooth legs that lasted.

In reality, you have to buff your skin for quite a while to get any hair off. It took me the better part of fifteen minutes to get one leg done which is quite annoying, because beauty should be quick and easy. Now, the bonus of Smooth Away is that it exfoliates the skin as it removes the hair, which is awesome because I like beauty products that multitask, like tinted lip balm. However, I don't think that the level of exfoliation I got was really worth the work it took to remove that little bit of hair that Smooth Away removed.
For comparisons sake, I only did one leg using Smooth Away and shaved the other, because I wanted to see if the results would really last longer than traditional shaving. Sadly, they did not. The leg that I shaved actually stayed smoother longer than the leg that I used the Smooth Away on.

Cost: $9.95 at Walgreens.
Is It Worth It: Not so much.

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  1. I knew it was too good to be exactly what I thought. I often wondered about this product. Thanks for clearing that up!