12 November 2009

These Boots Are Made for... Your Pucker, Actually!

Boots Stay Perfect lipstick in "Classic Rose"

I love a good rose shade of lipstick and “Classic Rose” is no exception. Boots hit this one way out of the park when they made it. The Stay Perfect lipstick goes on very smooth and creamy and actually stays on very well without the excessive drying that many lipsticks that claim to last seem to have.

According to the Target website, Stay Perfect lipstick comes in 16 different shades, ranging from nudes to pinks (including a coral looking shade called "Gay Geranium." Love it!) to nice vampy reds ("Cherry," I’m looking at you). Since I am so enthralled with “Classic Rose,” I may be picking up more of these lipsticks in the future.
My favourite part of the lipstick may be the actual tube itself, if I’m completely honest. It’s very sleek, but has a slight vintage flare to it with No7 stamped into the tube in gold. Definitely a pretty tube that you wouldn’t feel bad about pulling out in front of other people.

Cost: $9.99 at Target
Is It Worth It: Very much so.

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