08 November 2009

You Mocha Me Crazy

Today, we'll be taking a look at Sally Hansen Lip Inflation in Sheer Mocha.
I’m generally not a big fan of nude lips, because to be frank, I think it’s a bit boring. I love painting my pucker with bolder hues of reds, berries, and on occasion pinks, so it takes a lot out of a nude to impress me. In order to get more than an "eh" accompanied by a shoulder shrug, it needs to be perfect, and preferably for less than what I spend on coffee per week.

Sheer Mocha is a nude that is on my “so-so” list. I would probably rave about it if I loved nudes, but it just isn’t that special to me. That being said, I don’t dislike it. It applies well, thanks to the brush applicator with a very high shine and only the slightest touch of pink to it. Sheer Mocha is from the Sally Hansen Lip Inflation line, so it is supposed to plump your pout with it‘s cinnamon and ginger-infused formula, however I see no discernible difference. What I do notice is that my lips feel nicely hydrated and this lip gloss doesn’t leave them sticky and tacky feeling like a lot of other glosses do.

All in all, Sheer Mocha is a basic nude that pairs well with heavier eye make up or is great for gals who don’t like to make a statement with their lipsticks. I’d rank it at a solid “B” if I was in the business of giving grades.

Cost: $7.99 at Walgreens
Is It Worth It: If you love nudes, yes.

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