15 November 2009

What's short, black, and red all over?

I couldn't think of a witty title tonight, but the answer is "my nails."
In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm a fan of things that are typically considered "vintage," especially when it comes to make up. Last night while chatting with one of my girlfriends, I decided to try the reverse French manicure that was popular during the 20s til about the mid 40s. With the reverse French manicure, the focus is on the moons of your nails instead of at the end and the colors used are typically more contrasting than the classic pink/nude and white French manicure we're so used to seeing.
I decided to go a bit bold with mine and did the moons of my nails black in a triangular shape, then did my nail bed a striking red. The triangular shape is two-fold: my moons don't really show too well/are hard to trace and the triangular shape is easy to make.

The reverse French mani was definitely easier than attempting to do my leopard print nails, but it was a bit difficult trying to keep the lines clean. Next time, I'll be using some clear Scotch tape to serve as a clean edge for the polish and that top coat saved me from having some crazy uneven surfaces.

I used "Cardinal" by Sally Hansen and the same black polish I used for the leopard print nails, "Black Lace Cream" by NYC.

Cost: For me, free since I already had both polishes, for everyone else under $5 since both polishes are very inexpensive.
Is It Worth It: You'll garner some stares, so yes.

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