13 October 2010

In Store Play

Last night the Boy and I went to Ulta after a lovely dinner. I wanted to pick up some new lipstick from Benefit, because I'm absolutely in love with the colors and how it wears, and I was woefully disappointed by their lack of lipstick. So I turned to my other standby, Too Faced, and began swatching colors on the back of my hand. I went through all of the lipsticks they had and made my way through most of the glosses. The one gloss I fell in love with was out of stock, so I went over to the Bare Escentuals display to find a dupe. I swatched all of the ones that looked close to the one I wanted and found an almost perfect match that would look great with my skin tone.
And then it hit me. I was the only person in the store that was testing out the samples as much as I was. I looked around and saw people testing maybe a lipstick or an eyeliner on their hand and it made me wonder: am I the only person who tests this many different products in store? I must have had close to thirty different lipsticks and glosses covering the back of my hand by the time I made it up to the counter to pay. The Boy doesn't bat a lash when I start swatching, he's seen it for over two years now, but some of the other ladies that were shopping regarded me with a wary eye and didn't come too close.
Please tell me I'm not crazy.


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