29 October 2010

And visions of sugar plums danced in their head!

My inner five-year-old loves flavored lipglosses; so much so that I have a box full of them. Vanilla and mint are my end-all-beat-all favorite, but every so often, I like to get something a little outside of my comfort zone. I was delighted a few weeks ago at work (Pier 1) when I saw that we got Sugared Plum lipgloss in stock just in time for the holidays.

As the name suggests, it tastes sugary, but not so much on the plum. I do like how it wears, though, because it's slightly shimmery, yet not gritty, and my lips feel moisturized without being a sticky trap for my hair to get stuck in.
I was a little worried when I opened the tube and saw that the gloss itself is an opalescent shade of lilac. Uh, corpse lips? No, thanks! I got over that phase when I was about twelve. But I applied anyway and was pretty pleased with it. It applies sheer with just a touch of the opalescent shimmer, so if you just like your glosses to shine, this one is for you.

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For just two bucks, it's a cheapy cheap way of brightening your day.


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