14 October 2010

Purse Inventory

Yesterday I was sitting in the Starbucks on campus with one of my friends and I pawed through my purse for about five minutes looking for my lip balm. After five minutes, I gave up and just started pulling everything out, piece by piece, determined to find that darn Eos lip balm!
Scattered through my purse and in my make up bag I had:
12 red lipsticks/glosses
5 nude lipsticks/glosses
1 plum lipstick
2 lip balms
3 black liquid liners
1 purple liquid liner
1 navy liquid liner
5 eye shadow duos
1 Too Faced eye shadow palette (Naked Eye)
5 mascaras
1 lash curler
1 brow pencil (blonde)
2 eye shadow brushes (medium brush and crease brush)
1 pressed powder
1 bronzer/highlighter compact
1 face brush
1 concealer/highlighter
1 moisturizer
1 pack of make up remover wipes
2 nail polishes
2 perfumes

It took up the entire table. Seriously

Who needs this many lipsticks?

At least they're all pretty!

I have no explanation for this.

I may be a touch crazy after all. What's in your purse?


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