25 October 2010

Organic deodorant?

Are you one of the many girls (or guys!) that's unlucky enough to have a bad reaction to conventional deodorant? Yeah, me, too. For years I've gone back and forth between all different kinds, trying to find one that didn't make my underarms itch or burn or break out in nasty little bumps. I was always really self concious of wearing tanktops, even around the house, because I felt like everyone would be staring at the bumps that would seemingly multiply. I tried Ban, Dove, Secret, Mitchem... none of them really worked for me. Anytime I would buy another stick of the same product, I knew I was just resigning myself to discomfort, but here in Texas, deo is a must.
One of my girlfriends finally suggested that I try organic deoderant, so off I went to H.E.B, in search of organic deodorant that didn't smell like flowers-and-butt and wasn't going to break the bank. Enter Tom's deoderant. At less than five dollars a stick with a light lemongrass scent, I was all over this.
Since Tom's is organic, it does not contain aluminum, something that a lot of people (like me!) have reactions to in deodorant. In your typical stick of, oh, say, Dove, aluminum works to close essentially close your pores so you don't sweat and stink up the joint. In lieu of aluminum, Tom's uses hops which works to prohibit the growth of bacteria, the biggest source of underarm funk.
Tom's works pretty well as a deodorant, but I do want to point out that it's not an antipersperant, so if that's what you're looking for, you may want to keep searching.



  1. I love Tom's. Its the only thing that doesnt give me bumps!

  2. It's been pretty awesome to me. I bought the roll on version as well, but the stick is preferable.