17 November 2010

Feelin' Minty Fresh

I've had a strange desire for pastel blue or green nails for the past couple weeks. I considered ordering the Eyeko Vintage polish, but since I've never used Eyeko before and don't really want to pay s&h on one item, I've been trawling Target, wading at Walmart, unearthing at Ulta, desperate to find the perfect shade. I've seen a couple by Essie that I'm considering buying, but to tide me over, I bought Minted by Revlon. It's a gorgeous color, just like liquified spearmint gum, and so light and frothy looking. I don't even care that Fall is the wrong season to wear pastel on my nails, it just feels soooooo right.
 But of course, nothing can ever truly be perfect. While the color is amazing, application is horrible. It's streaky and prone to drag marks, takes forever to dry, and bubbles if you look at it wrong. I finally had to use four coats of color and two coats of topcoat to get it to look somewhat decent, but I think the work is worth it.

revlon, minted, pastel nails, green

Revlon polish is $3.99 at Target.

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