17 November 2010

Quick lipstick tip

The holiday season is quickly descending upon us, bringing with it parties, merrymaking, frivolity, and the occasional drink. Now, you and I know that more often than not, if we're wearing lipstick, it leaves that tell-tale mark on the rim of your glass. On one hand, at least you know for sure which glass is yours. On the other... it's a little tacky looking. So what do you do? If you (discretely) lick the edge of your glass before drinking, it won't leave a lipstick mark. Honest. You may want to practice this at home before you try it in public, else you may be known as "the rim licker," which could bring up a whole slew of issues.
If, even after practice, you can't quite get it down, use a lip stain. Revlon's Just Bitten lip stain is great, long lasting, and comes with a super conditioning balm. L'Oreal has the Infallibile gloss, which dries down to a stain-like finish, but be warned, after eating and drinking, it does fade pretty quickly. If you need to change your stain quickly, or you want to get it all off before bed, try eye make up remover.


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