11 November 2010

Take It All Off

It's pretty safe to say that a consistent theme of my blog are things that are quick and easy. I think beauty products should not only make our lives and our exteriors prettier, but I think they should make our lives a little easier as well, so that's why I get so excited when I find one that's not only easy, but effective. Enter Neutrogena Eye Make Up Remover Lotion. Gah, that's a bit of a mouthful, but it's okay, because it's an awesome product.

I wear quite a bit of mascara, and usually a slick of black, winged out liner on a regular basis, and I have absolutely no problem getting every trace of it off with a pea sized amount of the Neutrogena. I just squeeze a tiny dab on my fingertips, massage it in a circular motion into my eyelids and eye area, then use a cotton ball to clean it all up.


 I was expecting this to maybe leave a little bit of a greasy feel to my skin, since it's a lotion base, but once I get everything wiped up, there's no funky residue.
I love that this so easily obliterates my make up while simultaneously being gentle on my skin, since the eye area is so delicate and the constant pulling and tugging we do while removing eye make up and washing our faces can cause premature wrinkles.


As you can probably tell, I have absolutely no make up on in that picture, not even a trace of foundation left under my eye to cover that dark circle there!

You should be able to pick up a tube at most major retailers, like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc. for around $4.


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