12 November 2010

I've Done It!

If you follow my Tumblr, then you know that I've been wearing the OPI Burlesque collection and wearing a new color almost every day. The glitters from this collection apply so much better than the Alice glitters, but it was still a bit of a pain in the ass, something that I don't really understand. China Glaze has beautiful glitters that apply and wear well, so why can't OPI? Heck, even Hard Candy has some great glitter polishes that practically have to be sandblasted off.
And then, inspiration hit. I was playing with Sparkle-icious and thought "Maybe it doesn't stick well because my nail bed is too smooth from frequent buffing...?" so I got my buffing block, and really lightly buffed the surface of my nail to take of the sheen and give the polish something to cling to. I then did three thin coats of Sparkle-icious with a layer of CND topcoat between each coat.
Using that method, I only had one casualty at work, which is pretty amazing. I'm constantly opening boxes and moving around furniture, so it's amazing if regular polish gets through the day unscathed.

I really like Sparkle-icious. It kind of reminds me of Mad As A Hatter, but it isn't nearly as blinding, and it has gold, teal, and fuchsia glitter

I bought my OPI at Ulta for $8.50

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