04 February 2010

How to...

Patch a nail!
Earlier today, I snagged my index fingernail and wound up taking off a layer of my nail, leaving it very weak. Since I've been growing my nails for about two weeks now, I wanted to save it, instead of having it break off and leaving me at square one.

You'll Need:
  • *Tea bag
  • *Krazy Glue
  • *Scissors
  • *Nail file
  • *Tweezers

Step one: Clean the nail using non-acetone nail polish remover, to ensure that there is no oil or lotion that may prevent the tea bag from adhering to the nail.

Step two: Cut a small rectangle of tea bag material, enough that it will cover the area of nail that needs to be patched.

Step three: Put a couple of drops of Krazy Glue on your nail and, using the tweezers, place the rectangle of tea bag over the affected area.

Step four: Trim any over hang.

Step five: Lightly file over the top of the patched area to smooth it out.

Now, do keep in mind that it takes a little practice. If you mess up, soak it in nail polish remover for a few minutes and try again.

Cost: Free, most people have these things around the house. If not, under $5
Is It Worth It: Yes!

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