03 February 2010

To Whiten or Not to Whiten, That Is the Question

Everyone wants some pearly white chompers. They make everything about you look better; your skin looks clearer, your lipstick looks more vibrant, you look younger and healthier and well, richer.
Sure, you could go to your dentist and have your teeth whitened for a couple hundred dollars, or you could use one of my many at home methods that are flooding the market, most priced for below $30.
During one of my many rendezvous at Target, I came across their brand of whitening trays. With high hopes, I took my trays home, opened them up, and applied them.

  • *Two trays for a package, clearly labeled so you don't have to guess which is top and bottom
  • *Whitening gel is already in the trays
  • *Cheap
  • *Foam trays do not conform to teeth very well, so there is not complete contact with each tooth
  • *Whitening gel is absolutely vile tasting
  • *Gel liquefies, making it more of a mouth wash, that the box warns not to swallow
  • *It hurts

After using the whitening trays twice, I had very noticeable tooth sensitivity, which is a big no-no to me. Beauty costs, but it shouldn't make you not want to eat or drink. Due to the sensitivity I experienced, I stopped using the trays, so I don't know if they whiten and I don't care. I do not recommend them at all.

Cost: about $15.00 at Target
Is It Worth It: Absolutely not.

On the other hand, I love the classic Crest white strips. They're relatively inexpensive, work very well, and are practically goof-proof

  • *Top and bottom strip in one package
  • *Works quickly (thirty minutes, twice a day, you see results in about three days)
  • *Not much of a taste
  • *Relatively inexpensive
  • *Strips stay on well

  • *You have to ensure that you actually press the strip down against your teeth for a good seal.

Crest White Strips are my favourite at-home whitening methods I've ever used. As a matter of fact, I usually keep a few strips in my purse so I can apply on the go.

Cost: $19.49 at Target.com
Is It Worth It: Do you like white teeth?

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